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Full Body Massage

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Traditional Full Body Massage

A full body massage involves the therapist massaging the entire body with essential oils and other natural ingredients and lasts for up to an hour. The masseuse will work on all areas, including the back, shoulder, legs, arms, feet, hands, and neck. Sometimes, it is an exclusive massage like the Swedish or the deep tissue massage, and sometimes, it is a combination of different techniques depending on the patient’s condition.

Table Shower and Body Scrub

After and before a massage, our masseuse will offer a table shower and body scrub where she will use a vichy style hot water shower to help your body relax and remove the massage oils. This not only exfoliates the body but also removes dull and dry skin making you look refreshed and relaxed and with a healthy glow. It is the ultimate spa pampering session.

Effective Treatments

Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage is used to relax muscles and treat the damaged soft tissues in your body. In this type of massage, hot stones of different sizes and shapes are placed on the specific parts of your body. Your therapist may also hold the heated stones while massaging your body through techniques such as kneading, tapping and soft strokes. A hot stone massage offers multiple benefits including relieved muscle pain, reduced stress and anxiety, relief from sleep disorders, and improved immunity.

Back Walking Treatment

In this type of massage therapy, the trained therapist places their foot on the clients’ back to massage and relax muscle tension. By applying deep pressure on your back, this Asian massage therapy stimulates the self-healing capabilities of your body and is used in the treatment of muscle pain, spinal problems, stress and joint disorders.
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